NCD Productions "Where content is Key"

NCD Productions "Where content is Key"

NCD Productions "Where content is Key"NCD Productions "Where content is Key"NCD Productions "Where content is Key"

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Hollywood Conundrum

Treatment and Trailers

Treatment and Trailers


 Getting your product into Hollywood is a very difficult endeavor. You may have the script, the trailer, the actors, the funding, etc. You call the front desk and you explain that you have the next Titanic. You wait for the response. This is what you hear. "Sorry we cannot accept unsolicited material." What are you going to do ? You can do what so many others do. Call NCD Productions. NCD gives your project a quality look over with his partners. If your project is viable, you are sitting in a meeting with an opportunity to turn your dreams into reality!  

Treatment and Trailers

Treatment and Trailers

Treatment and Trailers


  Scripts are very important ! We are not saying they don't work, but it is better to have a Treatment and a Trailer. Because we know and understand what our partners are looking for, we assist in this process. We have seen trailers done on a shoe string budget and trailers done with a considerable budget. No need to sell. your project, Your project should sell on it's own potential !

Tee it up with NCD

Treatment and Trailers

Tee it up with NCD


 You have the Treatment, Trailer, Script, Deck, Actors, and the Movie or Television Show is all completed. Everything is Ready. We call this "Teeing it up" . If you tee it up with NCD, NCD can't promise you a deal however, NCD will promise you a look with NCD partners at WBTV. if, your project is viable you will be on a conference call, or meeting for Network possibilities !

Content Provider

Content Provider

Tee it up with NCD


 It is one thing to create an award winning project in the making. It is another thing to sit at the table with your great creation. NCD Productions is a content provider that has access to Hollywood. Notwithstanding, quality is most important. NCD receives projects from all over the world. Therefore, patience is a virtue. If your project is viable, you'll get in the seat at the table. 


Content Provider



 Give customers a reason to do business NCD Productions didn't get started yesterday. NCD has history with The Wolper Organization et al. Those relationships span over 25 years. In this business, it is all about relationships. Therefore, it is important that integrity be the center of the relationship involving NCD Productions. NCD appreciates your consideration of their services, and look forward to seeing your potential award winning project!  


Content Provider



NCD is a family owned company with respect, honesty., and integerty. With over a 25 year relationship with Wolper Org, WBTV Warner Bros Studio. Starting with David Wolper now Mark Wolper. Navarro gained his experience working at Warner Bros Studio in "Television" for several years under the guidance of Steven Papazian, and Rosalie Jeffries ! Navarro, and NCD is a part of the Warner Bros Family !



Wolper Organization -Warner Bros


"The Wolper Organization has worked with Navarro Dixon and NCD Productions on several projects.  We respect and recognize him as important producing partner.  We have formed an unofficial relationship with him wherein he regularly supplies us with material and IP for translation into Television or Film projects. We consider him to be an important supplier of ours."

Mark Wolper


The Wolper Organization

Warner Bros.

Ace Entertainment /OMTTV Atlanta, GA


”Ace Entertainment/OMTTV  is honored to announce that we have partnered with NCD Productions. NCD is a production firm located in Los Angeles. They help get your TV shows in front of decision makers. They are a producing partner with The Wolper Organization- Warner Brothers & and now Ace Entertainment. Ace will be an official content provider. We are currently seeking scripted television shows. More important information coming soon on the submission process.”



Ace Entertainment


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